Workshop Testimonials

Delivered in a professional, comfortable nurturing environment in a way that allowed me to feel safe to open & share. Tina is adept at allowing all in her presence to leave things unfold naturally in a "non-new age" way!! Looking forward to next workshop.

Trudy (Oct 2010)

A very inspiring day. Clarified so many questions without asking. As if a light has been turned on. Thank you so much Tina!!

Mariella (Oct 2010)

Found the workshop to be truly enlightening with practical tips and advice. Wonderful experience and look forward to the follow up session. Thank you - the day will stay with me for a long time to come.

Helen C (Oct 2010)

I found the workshop to be very informative and the activities were great. I enjoyed spending my time with the group and can't wait to come back again.

Bel (Oct 2010)

It has been an amazing day I have learnt so much, I feel my confidence has really gone forward leaps and bounds. Thank you so much Tina. Loved it.

(Oct 2010)

Excellent training to raise awareness and understanding into spiritualism. Highly recommended.

Victoria R (Oct 2010)

Workshop is a great way to understand fundamentals. Tina is very passionate and has a talent for engaging others to unlock their psychic potential.

Stacey F (Oct 2010)

If you need to affirm your psychic ability, this course will confirm and explain your abilities.

Jennifer (Feb 2011)

Wonderful validation for your own psychic awareness. Fantastic day.

Vanessa (Feb 2011)

Helped me to open up and trust, fantastic experience.

Raine (Feb 2011)

My journey since attending your (for me, life changing) The Key – workshops has been so crazy (good,crazy).

I made up my mind after that weekend that I was going forward with all the things that I ever doubted about life or myself.

I’m currently studying Hypnotherapy & NLP with a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy/NLP down at Burleigh, I can’t believe how full on it is, but it’s so worth it, very powerful and I’m very passionate about it. I did my Reiki Attunements one on one with a reiki master & Seichem, and I have helped a couple of people around me and its so inspiring,  for the first time ever I feel like I have a purpose and I am here to love, including myself (which was a hard road for me).

I feel this all took place after attending the weekend with you, and I think it’s because for the first time in my life someone believed in me. For that I truly thank you x 

Catherine (Feb 2011)

This is a workshop for one and all! Tina is a true master, someone who has fine-tuned her own gifts and uses them to empower others without any ego attached. It awakened gifts in me that I have had hidden for many years and has given me renewed purpose to my life. Absolutely fantastic.

Lorraine Scott (Oct 2011)

The knowledge, confidence, and belief I got from Tina's workshop is far beyond what I had hoped. In a safe environment I learnt to open myself up to possibilities, and go with my instincts. Since the course I have had messages coming through for friends, I also met and communicated with someone from the other side. But the greatest thing from the workshops is the new level of awareness; I hear more, see more and feel more. We are all truly amazing, and Tina helps that realization.

Jason (Nov 2011)

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